A few of the new $10 Body shop Matte Lip Liquids
I haven’t had a coconut Lifesaver in years, but these $10 Matte Lip Liquids from The Body shop smell and taste exactly like them.

Coconut Lifesavers were/are my favorite, favorite, favorite Lifesavers of them all. When I was just a little Karen and went grocery shopping with my mom, she would let me pick one piece of candy every week when we got up to the cashier, and I would always get the tropical roll.


I’d rip it open and pick out all the coconut ones. then I’d eat them all at the same time…but only after I finished all of the other ones.

Anyway, I just started testing these Body shop Lip liquid lipsticks today, and I’m loving them so far.

Like a lot of people today in the U.S., I had kind of a crazy morning because I woke up super early to vote, and Connor Claire came with me.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

She was all bundled up in her baby carrier, and I’m pretty sure she was the youngest voter there. She even got a sticker.

When I got back home, I only had a few minutes before my early morning exercise class, but I still wanted to swatch and test these.

So…that’s why I’m not wearing any other makeup in these pics.

Here’s the shade Windsor rose after voting, working out (and sweating like a mofo!), watching Connor, eating a persimmon and some cottage cheese, and drinking about half a gallon of water…

The Body shop Matte Lip Liquids

New to The Body shop permanent line and available now at The Body shop stores and online

$10 each and available in 12 shades

Cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian

#TheBodyShopUSA, #TheBodyShop

The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Sydney Amaryllis 014
The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Tapei Orchid 020

The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Windsor rose 032
I was surprised by how easy it was to go from testing and swatching one color to the next, to the next, because liquid lipsticks can be tricky to use. I usually have to run them back and forth across my lips, and sometimes they’ll get to that weird point of no return when they look thick and heavy and kind of gross, but I never got there with these. All it took was a few swipes of each one on my lips with the doe-foot applicator.

The formula is fantastic! They’re very opaque and smooth and kind of fluffy like a mousse, so they’re easy to scoot and push around until they dry down, which takes about a minute. and then they last on my lips about 5-6 hours.

The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Nairobi Camellia 034
The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Crete Carnation 030
The Body shop Matte Lip liquid in Mauritius Dahlia 017
Some liquid lipsticks dry the heck out of my lips, but these don’t, and I really think the price is great. They’re $10, which places them at the higher end of drugstore, like what you’d pay for L’Oreal, but I think they look and feel much more expensive than $10.


Give ’em a try sometime.

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