Today’s project focus 10 review is not makeup, but something to help remove makeup; the Muji cut Cotton Ecru:

This is my a lot of used project focus 10 item – I’ve been using it nightly to remove my eye makeup considering that starting this series.

My basis of comparison will be against the Shiseido Facial Cotton, which to me, is the pinnacle of cotton perfection. There is really NO need to stray from it, except for the fact that it now costs a whopping CAD $11 for a pack of 165 pieces. I did a comparison between Shiseido and 2 drugstore “dupes” last year and Shiseido blew them out of the water. In the comments of that post, it was recommended that I try the Muji cotton, considering that it is also made in Japan and costs a fraction of what Shiseido costs.

The package comes with 140 pieces and only costs CAD $3.00 which is 68% more affordable than Shiseido’s per sheet!

Originally I set out to get the white version of Muji’s cut cotton, but they were out of stock so I settled for the ecru version, which is unbleached. ideal away, I can see that Muji’s cotton is slightly smaller in size, measuring 60 x 50mm whereas Shiseido’s is 65 x 55mm.

When I applied the Muji cotton to my skin, I can absolutely feel that it is rougher than Shiseido’s – this is especially apparently when I’m using it to remove eye makeup around my delicate eye area. I suspect this may be due to the fact that this is unbleached cotton which is less refined – you can see little specks in the Muji cotton.  I know that for some people with  allergies, unbleached cotton is a better alternative – as well, less processing indicates that it’s better for the environment.

I do find the Muji’s cotton is very thick and strong – it holds its shape even when soaked with remover / toner.  You can see that 10 pieces of Muji stacked  is much fluffier than 10 pieces of Shiseido.  The Muji cotton has no rough edges and there’s absolutely no lint or fluff coming off it. I did notice that it’s not as absorbent compared to Shiseido’s – liquid seems to sit on top for a second before it is absorbed. I also chalk this to the fact that this is unbleached cotton. Overall, it outperforms the Chinese-made drugstore “dupes” I examined before, but it’s not nearly as good as Shiseido’s.

I don’t read Japanese but from what I gather, the instructions on the back advises how to hold the cotton (the same as how Shiseido recommends) to use this to remove makeup.  It also recommends that you can use the cotton as a mask by first soaking it in toner / essence / lotion – this is a common thing to make with facial cotton in Japan, it seems.

I do really appreciate the resealable bag of the Muji – ahem, Shiseido!

I’ll use this bag up but likely won’t repurchase the ecru type – I do wonder if the Muji white version would be a lot more similar to the Shiseido?

• very thick and strong
• tüy yok
• Ekonomik
• yeniden kapatılabilir çanta
• Unbleached

• Not as soft
• Not as absorbent
• Sayfa başına daha küçük boyut

Stash Değer: 7/10

What facial cotton are you currently using?

Tidbits about the other items:
• I managed to use the Smashbox palette nearly daily this week – I’ve tried every shade in the palette now but I absolutely gravitate toward the peachy / brown shades
• I started wearing the Maybelline SuperStay better Skin foundation that I got recently and I’ve been enjoying mixing it with the Guerlain lingerie De Peau BB cream
• Haven’t touched the Smashbox primer Spray in any way – still debating adding glycerin to it to see if it’ll help

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