MAC naked Bond, Late Night, Coco Bar, keep It Currant, rich & Robust, Blue Me Over, wet Road, and Misty Me
Pretty sure I discussed this the other day, but yeah, my lids are getting progressively much more hooded every day. I think it’s just a getting older thing, but now I appreciate long-lasting liners like the MAC Liquidlasts THAT much MORE, because if you’ve got a hooded lid situation, finding a liner that doesn’t transfer up into your crease can be harder than finding a chupacabra unicorn.

Enter the MAC Liquidlast Liners. They’re long-lasting and water-resistant.


MAC naked Bond, Late Night, Coco Bar, keep It Currant, rich & Robust, Blue Me Over, wet Road, and Misty Me
A bunch of them that just arrived at MAC counters and the MAC site ($21 each), but you might remember them from back in the day. The Liquidlast Liners used to be part of the permanent collection. then they went away, but now they’re back in nine shades, many of which are permanent.

The only LE colors are matte purple rich & Robust, which I friggin’ love (GAH!) and shiny teal Blue Me Over.

Rich & Robust
To someone just passing by a MAC counter, they look a little like lip glosses, at least until you open them up and see the skinny, fine-tipped brush.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

That brush, though? T-r-i-c-k-y to use.

It helps to unload practically all of the liner from the brush first.
The first time I used these years and years ago, I wan’t crazy about ’em because of the brush, but now I think I just didn’t know how to use it. I think I might know how now.

What I wasn’t doing then was unloading the brush enough before bringing it to my lids. now I run the brush against the inside of the lip of the tube a bunch of times to get rid of the excess.

Rich & robust on my upper lash lines. I’m also wearing MAC kid and Uninterrupted Eye shadows on my lids, and Powersurge liner on my lower lash line. The blush is Melon Pink from the MAC Padma collection, and my lipstick is Mittai Pink (worn as a stain), also from MAC Padma.

After that, I pull out my trusty magnifying mirror (this one from Tweezerman) so I can see exactly what I’m doing, and I hold the brush parallel to my lash line. then I press it once against my skin, relocation it over a little bit, press it down again, relocation it over, etc., and I keep doing that until I make my way all the way across my lash line. (I typically start from the inner part and relocation to the other part.)

This way I get a really thin, crisp, clean line without any wobbly edges.

My favorite shade at the moment is rich & Robust, a pigmented matte purple that I really like with my brown eyes, but I bet it looks just as good with blue eyes, green eyes and hazel eyes, too.

The Liquidlasts dry rapidly (30 seconds), so you better relocation fast. The flip side of this is that you won’t be sitting there with your eye closed while you wait for your liner to dry.

Eyeballz! That’s the shade wet Road.
Wearing wet road on my upper lash lines and naked Bond on my lower lash lines. earrings from


They’re water-resistant and rub-resistant (not that I ever rub at my eyes. Nope. Never!), so you’ll need an oil-based remover to take them off. I use the Clinique Take The Day Off makeup Remover, which works terrific for me.

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