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Earlier this week, I sat down to put on makeup and…after an awkwardly long pause as well as “Hmm…” realized I’m majorly lacking in inspiration. The proverbial makeup “well” hath runneth bone dry.



My imagination needs a boost, so I discovered a stack of appeal mags as well as bookmarked a few looks, starting with the one in this Estée Lauder lipstick ad.

I’m getting a extremely ’80s vibe, as well as it’s working for me! The bold, glossy red statement lip; large take on pads; the huge jewelry. indication me up!



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The sheen on her inner lids

The strong liner on her upper lash line as well as the outer half of her lower lash line

Her Brooke Shields brows!

I likewise like the lack of heavy-handed bronzer as well as “highlights from space.”

Also, you may likewise notice that the model’s eye makeup isn’t completely symmetrical, as well as it’s fascinating as well as refreshing to me that she isn’t Photoshopped into a totally symmetrical version of herself, because ultra-symmetrical eye makeup has dominated social network for so long. It’s cool, as well as I hope to see this much more often.

This is a extremely dressy makeup look as well as most likely not something I’d wear out as well as about best now, however I do like it. I still may try something similar just to wear around the house.

Next, up — the makeup in this Lancôme ad with a extremely “Hunger Games” Zendaya. I see you channeling Katniss Everdeen with your bow as well as arrow, girl!

“I volunteer as tribute!”

And can we take a second to admire her brows? I’m truly into bold-but-soft arches best now.

I likewise like the liner in this look. There’s a thin wisp of it on her lash lines. (I’m guessing it’s pencil?) See exactly how the liner hugs her lower lash line firmly however doesn’t spill over onto her waterline? I believe that’s just lovely. I likewise like exactly how defined however not excessively crisp it is. The edges are softened just a touch with some golden bronze eyeshadow.

I like her cheeks, too, with their barely-there hint of peachy tan bronzer as well as blush. There are subtle highlights on her upper cheek bone as well as beneath the arch of her brow, as well as I like exactly how they’re blended. They don’t just look like shimmery stripes on her skin.

And then there’s her lip color, that nude pink with a bit shine, to round out the look.

This whole thing is something I’d want to wear in daily life!

This last look below is similar to my present makeup aesthetic — when I wear it, ha! — except for her brows. Hers are a bit as well strong for me, however whatever else, I dig. I like the radiate on her lids as well as the peek of color on the outer corner in the inner corner. whatever is mixed so well as well as seamlessly, too! I’m guessing the artist went with creams.

Love the fresh, dewy skin since it’s just timid of shiny. It likewise doesn’t look like she has much on her cheeks at all, as well as I’m loving that.

Also completely into her lipstick, which matches her gums! I believe it looks so natural.

I hope a few of these concepts influence you like they’re inspiring me. I don’t understand exactly how it’s been for you lately, however whenever I put some makeup on, I feel like I’m wearing…a great deal of makeup. perhaps I’ll want to wear a full deal with once again someday, however with whatever still going on, I’m nowhere close to that best now!


If you’d like to, please share what makeup you’re into these days. I’d like to hear about it.

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