Don’t get as well excited, this isn’t a new Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection by Emilio Pucci. This is from the summertime 2012 collection. I’m only 3 years as well late on this. however I assumption much better later than never!  I bought the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush, as well as the Meteorites Perles d’Azur last December as a last hurrah before my yearlong No-Buy. These items, particularly the Meteorites, have been on my desire listing for, well, almost 3 years.

The Terra Azzurra Collection features the unique Pucci print, in tones of blues as well as greens, here’s a marketing image:

As with most high-end brands, a big part of the allure is the product packaging. many details including the matching print inside of the boxes as well as the satin pouch for the bronzer all improve the experience of opening as well as utilizing these items.  Here is a pictorial journey of the bronzer / blusher compact unveiling:

The Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush compact ($75 USD) is housed in a blackened wood casing, with a mirror in the lid. The compact secures by small magnets embedded along the edges.  It’s strikingly smooth and unique in my collection.  In addition to the compact case, the product I coveted was the bit printed satin pouch it resides in.  I like it!  I’m not even sure what I’ll utilize it for however it’s sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be re-purposed.

L to R: Bronzer, blush, blush, highlighter sections
The products themselves are good, however not amazing.  The bronzer performs much better than the blusher in my experience.  They all apply smoothly as well as provide a natural appearance, however the structure is on the dry side as well as not extremely pigmented.  I had to utilize a somewhat rougher natural hair bristle clean to pick up the product.  The style of the blusher / highlighter strips made it difficult to isolate each colour to use, so I just swirled them together to accomplish a peachy pink shade with a slight sheen.  There’s a scent to this product that I can’t location – it’s a bit tropical smelling, however it’s faint as well as I’m not bothered by it.  This bronzer / blush compact will likely sit in my collection mainly to be admired.  I don’t frequently buy makeup products purely to collect, however this product may just be such a novelty.

Next, the Meteorites Perles d’Azur ($58 USD).  It contains BLUE BALLS.  Yes, I had to state it.  I’m understand I’m not the only one.

Meteorites are notoriously difficult to explain or photograph its impacts on the skin – it’s part highlight, part colour corrector, part completing powder.  It lends a luminous surface to the skin without adding as well much obvious product.

L to R: peach, blue, white pearls
Unfortunately, for my taste, Perles d’Azur is just somewhat as well sparkly.  When used all over, I can see visible shine particles, which is NOT the advanced polished look that I’m striving for.  When all the colours are blended, it doesn’t leave much colour on the skin – I mainly concentrate this on the cheeks as a highlight.  The scent of this product is the typical Meteorites violet, which I like a lot. This product might be a situation where the anticipation as well as built-up enjoyment most likely made my expectations higher than what they should have been.  Out of the 3 Meteorites I now own, this is my least favourite.  But that Pucci tin style almost makes up for it.

Do you own any type of of these products or any type of products from Guerlain?  What are your favourites?

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