The world has sent me a sign.
Leave it to the world to have impeccable timing, since it just reminded of a commitment I made to myself years back about Turkey Day — that I would never once again wear pants with buttons that constrain me in any type of type or fashion upon the date of a major mega-food fest!

All those years of using bullsh*t denim to Thanksgiving meals… never AGAIN.


Which leads me to my latest aha! find: Spanx leggings. Girlfriend, I AM SHOOKETH.

This understanding was dropped on me, an unsuspecting lady with a wardrobe full of raggedy “private stretchy pants”, last Sunday at a satisfying of the Novato moms Club.

It was held at a Nordstrom. The store sectioned off a few of the dressing spaces for the moms, as well as provided drinks, snacks as well as stylists.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

One of the stylists brought out a choice of Spanx leggings as well as subsequently raved about them. I youngster you not, the leggings looked amazing on everybody — like J. Lo booty, outta-this-world amaze-balls.

More than half the women entrusted to a pair.

I’d wear that furry top thing in a heartbeat since I like anything that makes me look like a Muppet.
OK, very first things first: These are NOT workout leggings (although Spanx makes a few of those, too). This line is for daily life. These are thick, high-waisted stretchy pants that suck in your gut, smooth out cellulite, slim your quads as well as lift your butt to the next level. A couple of the styles likewise are available in small sizes.

The stylist suggested using a long sweatshirt or a tunic with the leggings if you don’t want your booty showing, which is most likely what I’d do for a few of the styles, like the faux Leather, the Moto (SUPER CUTE) as well as the camo.

When camo is chic
They’re even cuter in person.
The Moto Leggings
Oh, as well as don’t reflexively reject the camo. I wished to dislike on it at very first since camo isn’t my thing, however one of the moms really showed as much as the event using the gray camo pair with black booties, a loose camel sweatshirt tunic as well as a few layered gold necklaces, as well as she looked super chic. equal parts edgy as well as elegant.

Nordstrom didn’t have any type of of the jeans-looking leggings in stock, however those look extremely tempting, too.

And this pair with sequins! İSTEMEK. You understand me, though. any type of reason for bling.


I didn’t get a pair at the event since I want to wait to see what occurs on Black Friday. I have high hopes! I already signed up for the sale alert mailing listing on the Spanx website.

Could these be the denim that make me not dislike jeans?
Sporty spice
All the options


Dude, I loathe using routine pants so, so much, so these are providing me hope!

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