NARS Seduction blush as well as Tabby-san the karate cat…
Tabby-san, your training is practically complete. You have discovered to wax on, wax off, as well as to abstain from sweeping the leg (so not kosher!).

But by far the most essential lesson you have discovered under my tutelage is your comprehensive understanding of useless fun facts, including the names of long-forgotten R&B woman groups as well as exactly how they associate to makeup.


I sleep soundly at night understanding that you are now prepared to response vital concerns like, “Which early ’90s trio shares names with the new NARS spring 2013 blush?”


Yes, Tabby-san! Haklısın. The response is Seduction…


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

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Released with the new spring 2013 collection, Seduction is not only one of the most intensely pigmented blushes I’ve ever worn, it’s likewise the name of the woman group trio behind hits like heartbeat as well as It Takes Two.

Does Seduction the band have anything to finish with Seduction the blush? Well, no…although both of them do make me want to do The Snake.

The blush, a rich, brick red berry with a satiny finish, officially introduces tomorrow.

The color’s likewise a ideal match for dressed to kill lipstick, likewise from the spring collection…just in situation you were already believing about bringing the later home. İpucu ipucu.

If you elegant yourself as smart when it concerns vibrant blushes like NARS Mounia as well as MAC Frankly Scarlet, prepare to be seduced by Seduction.

It’s the type of color that says, “Hey, look at me. CAZ ELLERİ!!” however if you choose to take the plunge, keep your fan clean as well as a tissue handy…

Seduction blush ($28)

The very first time I used Seduction on my cheeks with a fan brush, I expected a light dusting of color. I mean, fan brushes are typically great for that, however a light dusting is not whatsoever what I got.

If very dark blush is your thing, hey, that’s cool. It’s just a extremely unique look, as well as one that I don’t always feel I can pull off (the words “Bratz Doll” come to mind).

I typically choose much more natural cheek looks, as well as to get that type of look with Seduction, I like to utilize a fan clean as well as a tissue.

First, I lightly tons the fan clean by dragging it across the pan, as well as then tap it to discharge any type of excess product. Then, I swipe the clean head across a tissue up until extremely bit of the pigment stays on the bristles, as well as apply what’s left on my cheeks.

One layer is typically sufficient for a bright, flushed look.

As for wear time, it’s great. Seduction lasts on either my bare skin or foundation of what feels like days, fading slowly as well as without any type of patchiness.

It’s gotta be the pigment. There’s so much of it!

So, do I like Seduction? Why, yes, I do. however I’ve been much more into fresh-faced flushes lately, like with Laura Mercier’s Oleander as well as Praline, or as well Faced’s Sweethearts ideal Flush Blush.

I’d most likely wear Seduction much more in the early fall, when I tend to go heavier with blush colors as well as makeup in general, than I will this winter, however I still believe it’s a excellent color.

And like dressed to kill Lipstick, I bet it would look AH-MAY-ZING on darker skin.

While it’s not a conventional spring cheek color, that may have have been precisely what NARS was going for. I provide ’em props for bucking patterns (and for the crazy-@ss amount of pigment!), even if the color can be a bit difficult to use.


Seriously, a pan might quickly last years. perhaps even decades!

PRICE: $28
AVAILABILITY: Coming January 15 to NARS counters as well as
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