using Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Eyes To kill liner in increased Iron
With his warm ray vision, Superman has eyes to kill.

Medusa has eyes to kill (well, turn you to stone, however that’s essentially the exact same thing).


And now, with new Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill Liners (called Ametista, Oro Oscuro, Perla Nera as well as Quarzo on the website), we simple mortals can likewise have eyes to kill.

Shiny eyes to kill, since when I wear these liquid liners on my lash lines, I feel like I have radiate for days, yo!

But it’s an unusual shine…


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Starting at the finish

“Muted metallic.” That’s exactly how I explain the finish. Mind you, it’s not as frosty or shiny as some metallic or shine liners, like the kind you may see at metropolitan Decay or MAC, a few of which show so much light that you can look like you’re using a costume if you go as well far with them.

There’s no mistaking these for matte — that’s for sure — however the shiny surface seems softer to me, much more diffused as well as much more stylish than the surface that a great deal of other shiny liners have.

Rose Iron on my lash lines, MAC Smolder on my water lines, as well as Armani’s Black Ecstasy Mascara on my lashes
Not everybody is gonna get the distinction. Like, El Hub, lovable yet clueless dude that he is, he most likely wouldn’t get it. “What’s the huge whoop?” he’d say. “They just look shiny to me.”

Now, if you’re the type of man or gal who brings eight different black liners in your makeup bag as well as can rapidly rattle off their names as well as differences, you’ll most likely appreciate these as well as their soft metallic finish.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To kill Liners from the purplish shade on the left: 3 Mercury Nude, 2 Acid Gold as well as 3 increased Iron
Easy-peasy application

As for the formula itself as well as the method these feel, one word: bomb. They’re kind of halfway between a liquid as well as a cream, practically like a watery gel, as well as it makes them simple to control, particularly with the included, fine-tipped clean applicator. With it, I can quickly draw skinny as well as thick lines with sharp edges in a single swipe.

Ölçek için bir mac lipglass ile

Once on my lash lines, the formula completely sets in about 3-4 minutes (and then doesn’t relocation at all), which is sufficient time to play, like here, where I blurred out the edges on my lower lash lines for these pics.

Swatches from the left: increased Iron, Mercury nude as well as Acid Gold
Easily make a statement

For $34, these liners are type of expensive, yeah, however I believe they’re a fantastic method to make a huge statement with your eye makeup, without having to do a ton of shading as well as eyeshadow work.

I’m likewise using Tom Ford Negligee Lipstick as well as Contouring Cheek Duo in Stroked
One method I like to utilize these is by lining my upper as well as lower lash lines with one of them, as well as then adding a bit of a black liner on my water lines (usually, that’s MAC Smolder), before ending with a couple coats of mascara on my upper as well as lower lashes.

I may likewise wear a pair of big, sparkly statement earrings for much more bling.

It’s a extremely stylish look, as well as finest of all, simple to knock out in a few minutes.


You can discover the Eyes to kill Liners in the Giorgio Armani charm autumn collection. Peep them now at Armani counters as well as online.

PRICE: $34 each
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition; offered now at Giorgio Armani charm counters as well as on the internet (I’m not sure why they have different names on the website)
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