The new Herbal Essences naked Collection…
What’s shakin’, bacon? How’s it going this afternoon?

Yeah…I’ve been waiting all afternoon to use that phrase up there in the title of this post. “Today I got naked at the mall and had my favorite salad in the world.” (Explanation to follow.)


Ah, the happiness of being easily amused…

Over lunch today I stopped by the mall to do some Christmas shopping and saw the most awesomely rand-o cat lady gift at urban Outfitters.

Cat lady says what now?
Note the use of the word “literally” in the name.
From the packaging: “will not fit chunky kitties.” Sorry, Tabs!

Then I had my favorite salad for lunch (also known as the best Damned Salad in the whole entire Universe), the tostada salad with grilled shrimp and avocado from Blue Barn Marin…


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Yok gerçekten…
…I can’t even look at these pics without drooling a little.
It was shortly after lunch when I started walking around the mall naked…

Holding in my hands (and wearing in my hair) two of the five new Herbal Essences naked Stylers
I exercised this morning but didn’t have time to wash my hair in the shower before heading out (shh…don’t tell anyone), so I busted out a couple of Herbal Essences products, one of them being a new dry shampoo, from their naked collection instead.

The new line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products, each with a touch o’ mint, launches next month, and considering that I’m always on the market for terrific new drugstore hair products to love, in particular styling products, I’m intrigued…

Some of the new things sound really interesting (NOTE: some of them consist of silicones, and some of them don’t), like the naked moisture Cleansing Conditioner. It has a low-lathering formula created to gently clean hair without stripping it, generally like conditioner washing — something I’ve already been doing frequently for years.

For the past couple of years I’ve been using Chroma sensitive Cleansing Balm from Kerastase, which I love, but it’s $42 (!), so I’m hoping naked moisture Cleansing Conditioner can replace it ’cause it’s only five bucks!

Fingers and toes crossed…

The new dry shampoo I mentioned, naked volume dry Shampoo, consists of tapioca, which is meant to absorb excess oil and lift roots.

I sprayed some on my roots to freshen them up after my workout, and it worked like a champ. My hair didn’t feel coated or weighed down, and I like the light mint scent. It’s refreshing and, thankfully, doesn’t overwhelm my perfume (I wore Dolce & Gabbana The One today… how about you?).

The Herbal Essences naked Collection Shampoos and Conditioners, $5 each

Naked volume gives hair light, touchable volume with the invigorating scent of white grapefruit and mint extracts to leave you with soft, full, bouncy hair

Naked moisture supplies lightweight hydration with a stimulating herbal and mint infusion for sensationally nourished, smooth hair

Naked shine revitalizes strands with white tea and mint extracts for a dazzling silky shine, just as nature intended

The Herbal Essences naked Collection Stylers, $5 each

Naked dry Shampoo transforms lifeless, oily hair into fresh, touchable hair, whether you need a quick styling touchup or a improve of extra volume

Naked flexible Hold Spritzer delivers a lightweight, flexible hold for shiny, soft, touchable hair

Naked Volumizing Soufflé gives hair a improve of natural volume you can run your fingers through

Naked Cleansing Conditioner is a low-lather, multi-tasking cleanser that combines the conditioning properties of a nourishing oil with gentle cleansing

Naked sheer shine mist nourishes hair from root to idea to leave behind luscious, shiny locks

After using the dry shampoo, I did a quickie curl job with a curling iron, and sprayed the curls into place with the naked volume flexible Hold Spritzer, a non-aerosol hairspray made to set hairstyles into place without leaving hair stiff or sticky.

It left my ‘do shiny and held the curl all afternoon. Bravo. I could also easily run my fingers through my hair, which was great.


All of the naked stylers, shampoos and conditioners are just $5 each. keep your eyes out for ’em at drugstores and grocery stores starting next month.

Dost canlısı mahalle temyiz bağımlısı,


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