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This guest publish was written by Sammy of The Naulasaurus. You can likewise discover Sammy on Twitter, Facebook as well as Etsy.

I’ve been blogging about all things nail-related for a lot more than two years now, as well as a lot of of the concerns I get from visitors go back to basics. exactly how do you get the polish so smooth? exactly how do you get it so neat around your cuticles? What’s the secret?

I must’ve painted my nails a lot more than a thousand times in my life, so I mean if there is a secret, it’s just practice, practice, practice!


To get you started on the practicing, right here are the seven steps I take to get a best diy manicure!

Aşama 1:

Start by washing your hands as well as providing your nails a great scrubbing with a nail brush. Make sure you totally eliminate the remnants of your previous manicure.

One technique I utilize to eliminate stubborn old polish stuck around my cuticles is to utilize an old toothbrush dipped in polish cleaner to scrub it away.


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Pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher makes it much easier to smoothly paint on your polish without making a mess, as well as here’s a great bargain on a set from E.L.F.

Adım 2:

With a glass nail file, smooth away any type of snags around your nails, as well as sculpt them to your much-loved shape. Glass nail data are my much-loved kind. They work mush quicker than other files, as well as they’re much better for your nails.

Aşama 3:

Apply a base coat to secure your nails, keep them strong, as well as make your mani last longer.

My all-time much-loved base coat is OPI nail Envy, as well as before I found it, my nails were weak!

I couldn’t grow them out in any way since they’d snap as well as peel all the time, however I’ve been utilizing nail Envy under every manicure for many years now, as well as my nails are virtually diamond hard! It’s a need to for any individual whose nails peel or break easily.

Step 4:

Time for the fun part. I begin by painting my selected shade with one stroke down the center, as well as then one more on either side. Today’s polish is a seductive, deep red from Cult Nails called Quench.

This technique may not work for everyone, as well as it might take a few tries to discover a method that works finest for you. The crucial is to take your time for a silky smooth application.

Adım 5:

Add a second coat of colour, or as lots of as you need. Sheerer polishes may requirement a lot more than two, as well as with a lot more opaque colours, you may get away with just one.

Step 6:

Add a topcoat for a enduring finish. I utilize NYC’s In A new York minute in Grand central Station.

It’s an absolute godsend! It’s incredibly shiny, as well as it truly does dry in 1 minute, although I usually wait at least an hour before doing anything as well rough with my nails. the very best part is that it’s less than £2 ($3) a bottle, as well as you can discover it in a lot of drugstores.

Step 7:


This is the step that a lot of people are curious about: the cleanup. I always have a bit of polish left around my cuticles that I’d rather wasn’t there, however nobody’s perfect, as well as there’s a extremely basic solution.

Dip a little paintbrush — the teeniest one you can discover — into a bottle of acetone or nail polish remover, as well as run it around your cuticle to clean up the edges as well as leave you with a great crisp line.

And those are my seven sacred steps for a best diy manicure! Perfect, that is, if you don’t have the time, or if you’re anything like me, the spare pennies as well as inclination, to spare a trip to the beauty parlor before that huge event.

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This guest publish was written by Sammy of The Naulasaurus. You can likewise discover Sammy on Twitter, Facebook as well as Etsy.



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