The final day of “Radiant Skin” Week, I’m evaluating another type of exfoliation for the face: physical / manual exfoliation. Cilt yüzeyinin herhangi bir manipülasyonu: Sürtünme, tırmalamak (OUCH!), Hepsinin eksfoliye edici bir etkisi vardır. When combined with an abrasive object or product, the surface dead skin sloughs off, revealing softer much more radiant skin. Most people are familiar with face scrubs – typically a cream-based product embedded with grainy abrasive particles (alert: please do not purchase any scrubs including plastic microbeads [polyethylene]!  The microbeads get flushed down the sink and choke our wildlife! I learned about this from mirrorthelove – you can find out much more information here)

My skin can’t tolerate too numerous scrubs – it gets irritated easily, according to my esthetician, I have “thin skin”? – so I tend to limit my usage of them.  I do however, delight in a milder physical exfoliation using exfoliating cotton rounds:

I went on the hunt for the Up&Up brand (Target’s private label) exfoliating Cotton Rounds after viewing an empties video by Missglamorazzi (Ingrid Nilsen!) in which she raved about it. I was fascinated because it looked like a much more gentle way to exfoliate the face. and because finding it at Target, I haven’t looked back! This is hands down, my preferred way to physically exfoliate my skin on a weekly basis. My skin is left smooth and glowing after I use this (you may recall that I stocked up on these when Target Canada closed shop):

But I really didn’t need to stockpile the Up&Up brand, because within months of purchasing my bomb shelter supply, I found that Joe Fresh (Canadian brand exclusive to Loblaws) launched its own version!

Here’s a comparison of the 2 exfoliating cotton rounds:

Up&Up exfoliating Cotton Rounds – $2.69 for 45 (Target)
It doesn’t look like anything special at first glance: one side is a standard quilted cotton round – albeit a slightly larger size than a regular cotton round.  But flip it over, and the exfoliating side has little bumpy nubs embedded within the cotton (disclaimer here – I’m not sure what they used to created these bumps – the packaging says microbeads but does not list the ingredients other than 100% cotton. Regardless, having polyethylene microbeads embedded in cotton and discarded into a trash bin is a whole lot safer than flushing the loose beads down the sink!)

I use the exfoliating cotton round after fully cleaning and toning my face as per usual.   I simply use my normal alcohol-free toner and soak the exfoliating cotton round thoroughly and then gently buff my face in a circular motion for a full minute.  I use this all over my face excluding under eye or eye socket area – I make sure to reach behind my ears, corners of my mouth, neck and in some cases I will even exfoliate my lips using this.  Shield your eyes, this is what the cotton round looks like after usage:

This is post-cleaning and toning! That grey colour? Ölü cilt.

I apply serum / moisturizer immediately after exfoliating – I try not to use any AHA or BHA products (chemical exfoliants) on the same night that I do a physical exfoliation – it’s just too much for my skin.

Joe Fresh exfoliating Rounds – $3.00 for 45 (Loblaws / Joe Fresh)
I’ll keep this short and sweet – this is identical to the Up&Up brand’s exfoliating Cotton Rounds!  Now it’s available best in our own backyard.

Then, one day recently, I randomly came across this:

Kit exfoliating round Cotton Pads – $5.39 for 80 (Rexall)
So I had to give it a try too.  This is a smaller size compared to the Up&Up / Joe Fresh rounds – it’s much more of the standard cotton round in size and appearance – except for the little bits of blue particles embedded on the surface.  This isn’t 100% cotton, but a 85/15 cotton/poly blend.

It feels like fine grit sandpaper or a cat’s tongue.  It’s not an unpleasant feeling but it did cause a bit of redness and mild stinging after I used this.  Some of the grit also transferred from the cotton round onto my skin leaving gritty bits when I went to apply my serum.  I don’t love this, but I also don’t hate it.  It’s harsher than the other kind of exfoliating cotton rounds so it might be a good option for those searching for a higher level of skin sloughing.

Have you ever used exfoliating cotton rounds?  How do you like to exfoliate your skin?

This concludes my week-long look at how to achieve radiant skin – hope you enjoyed!

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