The new Tarte Off the Cuff holiday blush and bronzer palette. I’m wearing the bronzer (in the palette, it’s on the far left) and the nude peach blush (the middle shade) on my cheeks, and that’s the bracelet it comes with equipping my wrist.
Three reasons to freak out when you open the Tarte new $42 Off the Cuff holiday blush and bronzer palette for the first time…

1) The bracelet completely looks like something by Kate Spade.

That cuff there in the middle detaches so you can wear it as a bracelet.
NOTE: The included cuff isn’t one of those cheesy throwaway pieces that come with some holiday sets. It’s actually really cute and looks kind of expensive.



2) The blushes are off the hook.

Dürüstçe evet! I’ve been waiting for what feels like eons for Tarte to release a blush palette like this because the only thing much more incredible than a single pan of Amazonian Clay blush is a palette filled with five of them.

Well…technically, four blushes and a bronzer.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Game, set, match
When the Amazonian Clay Blushes came out a couple years ago, they set my blush world on fye-yah .

There have been times when I’ve applied them before the crack of dawn, and through some probably ancient, long-lost magic they look just as natural (not whatsoever like they’re just sitting on top of the skin) and fresh 14 hours later, with nary a hint of fading and zero patchiness whatsoever.

In my paw for scale… how cute is that bracelet?
I’m still not entirely sold on the whole Amazonian clay angle — like whether it’s actually responsible for how how well I think these blushes carry out — but I have to say, the pieces in this kit are spot-on fantastic.

Kim bilir? maybe it is the clay… It’s expected to give your skin exactly what it needs, when it needs it, adjusting to your needs at any given moment, be it extra moisture on your dry patches or oil absorption on your shiny spots, and it seems to do just that.

Swatches on my NC42 forearm…
With the palette, you get a bright matte rose blush, a shimmery plum, a matte nude melon and a matte bright pink. The bronzer, the shade on the far right, is a medium golden brown.

All of them, the blushes and bronzer, ought to go well with many any eye look. Plus, they’re easy to blend and smooth like John Legend.

3) The whole kit and caboodle’s a pretty wonderful deal.

A full-sized 0.2-ounce Amazonian Clay blush frequently goes for $26, so five of them would set you back $130.

With this kit, though, you get five 0.15-ounce pans — so, yeah, a little smaller than normal — for what works out to $8.40 each.

That’s a lot of choices and variety for $42.

That’s the bronzer, and the bright pink blush (second from the best in the palette) on my cheeks
The bronzer, and the bright rosy pink blush on the far left

The bronzer, and the dark rosy blush (second from the left)


This kit’s…Off the Cuff? wait — off the hook? Off the hizz-ook? how ’bout it’s just great? It’s one of the best holiday kits I’ve seen so far this year. You get a solid squad of department store-caliber blushes at a spectacular price. And, hello! — cute bracelet.

PRICE: $42
Kullanılabilirlik: Şu anda çevrimiçi ve Sephora mağazalarında mevcuttur
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: A+

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